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Target Market

Reach out to every professional in one of the most stable industries.

Medical Professionals: Physicians, nurses, discharge planners, case managers, practice administrators, hospital employees, coders, billers, emergency hospitals, pharmacies, medical secretaries, lab technicians.

Medical Service Providers: Nursing homes, rehabilitation centers, hospice, independent living, retirement communities, home infusion, complex care, in-home care, medical equipment companies.

Non-profit Organizations: Special interest associations, state and county health agencies, etc.

Educational Institutions: Medical schools

Corporate: HR Offices

Some of the main characteristics this market include:

  • The top medical professionals in the region
  • One of the highest educated demographic groups in the area
  • Active investors in the stock market
  • Dine out often, particularly in fine restaurants
  • Are big supporters of the arts and charities
  • Spend money on home improvement projects
  • Travel extensively for business and pleasure
  • Drive one or more luxury automobiles
  • Have the highest income savings levels
Demographic Profile
Age 50% over 40
Gender 63% male
37% female
Marital Status 86% married
Income $70K+
# of Children 16% one child
50% two
22% three
12% four or more children
Work Schedule 50 hours +
High Education 7 years +
Home Value < $300K

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