Directory advertising increases the effectiveness of television advertising from 7.7% to 28.2%, newspaper advertising from 23.6% to 42.4% and radio advertising from 4.2% to 25.3% - Media Impact Study

Exclusive Advantages

Unlike any other print publication, the MedicalSource? provides you with tools that work to deliver the best Return On Investment (ROI) for your advertising dollars. Take advantage of these tools!

Receive Free Directories
As an advertiser and supporter of the MedicalSource? directory, you will receive free copies of directories for your advertising purposes. Getting the most out of your free directories is easy as:

  1. Labeling directory covers with your company's information and/or adding a flyer insert
  2. Calling attention to your AD's page number
  3. Distributing FREE Directories to physicians and medical establishments of your choice

Receive Exclusive Access to Our Database*
Take advantage of exclusive access to your local MedicalSource&trade database to get your marketing message out. With the MedicalSource? Directory you will receive exclusive access to our database. Anytime you would like to do the mailing just ask us for the labels. We will provide you with complete label package of all physicians who are listed in the Directory. All you pay is the nominal processing fee and the cost of the labels.

*MedicalSource? Physician Directory is protected by compilation copyright law and is copyrighted every year. Only the supporters of the MedicalSource? enjoy the exclusive right to use the directory database for their marketing purposes.

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