Our entire staff always has a copy on hand as a quick and easy to use reference to find phone numbers and addresses for all the doctors in our area.
- Office Manager, Family Practice

About MedicalSource™

MedicalSource™ is America's leading physician's directory!

The MedicalSource™ provides a solution to a problem which existed for physicians and their support staff for many years, which is the lack of a single source of comprehensive information they need quickly and on a daily basis.

The MedicalSource™ is an annual publication which provides the most accurate and comprehensive physicians directory in the marketplace today. Distributed free of charge to all members of the medical profession, MedicalSource™ directory offers advertisers a unique opportunity to advertise their business in front of one of most stable and affluent target markets.

Details provided by the MedicalSource™ directory are the most up-to-date, comprehensive, and easiest to use. For the physicians day-to-day operation, the time savings alone generated by using this directory makes it THE directory of choice.

The MedicalSource™ is the only local directory that compiles physicians' names, addresses with zip codes, telephone, fax numbers, and NPI information in an easy to use format.

The MedicalSource™ is a compilation of information which includes physicians' names, addresses with zip codes, telephone, fax numbers, and most importantly, NPI numbers (National Provider Identifier number). The NPI number must be used for patient referrals and is required for insurance billing.

The MedicalSource™ directory is divided into two sections: physicians listed by specialty, and physicians listed alphabetically. Learn more about how it can help your business reach your target market.

Doctor-to-doctor and office-to-office communication, patient referrals, doctor's NPI numbers and addresses for insurance billing and fax numbers for faxing patient referral information are few of the uses that MedicalSource™ finds in doctors' offices.

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